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Eye Talk

Every Tuesday on 1440 AM in Edmonton, Canada from 8:15pm-8:30pm MST, Dr.Kiani and Shalini Ram host a segment on The Universal Radio Network called Eye Talk. It will also be live through their website and will be archived on Spotify and Apple Music. 

Shalini will be asking Dr.Kiani questions that patients, social media followers and audiences ask about eye related topics such eye health and relationship to overall well being, eye topics that are trending online and much more!

If you can a question or a topic you would like to be discussed, email us at, call us at 780-432-3882 or send us a message on our social media accounts, @greateredmontoneyecare on Instagram and Facebook. 

You can listen to previous segments below by clicking on the button, or on Spotfity and Apple Music

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